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Why Can’t I Sleep?

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By Stephanie Schorow, Special to Lifescript
Get eight hours of shut-eye a night. Drink milk before bedtime to fall asleep faster. Mom’s advice not working for you? If you’re still wondering why you can’t sleep, separate fact from fiction with these 10 common sleep myths…

Spending another night tossing and turning in bed? So are 40 million Americans.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports that 30% of adults have insomnia, most of them women. It’s no wonder that sleeping aids are a $20-billion industry and that Ambien is one of the top five prescriptions written in the U.S.

Sleep is as important to your health as eating right and exercising. It helps repair, refuel and refresh the body and mind.

But before you lose precious sleep over not getting enough shut-eye, find out how much you really need or if a scotch or sleeping pill is better to get you to Snoozeville. Here’s the truth behind 10 common sleep myths:

1. Everyone needs at least eight hours of sleep a night.

False! Eight is not the magic number. Some women thrive on only seven hours; others need more to feel refreshed, according the National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes better sleep.

In fact, studies show that those who sleep seven hours may live longer than those getting eight or more hours, says Gregg D. Jacobs, M.D., an insomnia specialist at the Sleep Disorders Center at the University of Massachusetts and author of Say Goodnight to Insomnia (Holt Paperbacks).
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