What to make for dinner: RESERVATIONS!

Yes, I know, Wall Street is on the fritz and everyone is going bonkers! The financial situation of the US may be touchy, but the economy is still strong. With all this pandemonium , we still have to eat. So how about dinner out?  

WHAT????????….. Arent we supposed to SAVE money?. Yes, but just as you, we are tired of hearing doomsday predictions and want to relax, take some pressure off, regain sanity and enjoy the weekend.

We work hard all week so  we all deserve it!

So, LWBG with   RESTAURANTCOM. Now Save 60% off $25 Gift Certificates. Pay $4 when you use the code PRESENT. Valid 11/7/08 through 11/10/08.

Not sure if you want to dine out this weekend? No problem, the certificates are good for a full year.

So , relax, get your mind off the Dow Jones, put on your gorgeous wear and when you’re asked : what are you making tonight? say : Reservations!

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