Shopping in your own closet! Part 1: Handbags

Shopping  in your own closet is a trend nowadays, not because we can’t afford new clothes but because there is a “feeling” of recession, depression and (dare I say it?) DOOM in the air.

Shoppers are just not spending on high ticket items! Why pay for something we don’t need?

But all this has brought out the best in us: we no longer look for the disposable, 15-minute look but a classic, smart, sharp polished and NO NONSENSE look of the new era, the era of the smart women!

What you will realize is that shopping mindlessly ( sometimes out of boredom)  just filled out closets but did not build us a wardrobe! 

Gorgeous ones UNITE!  and for one day only, LOOK in YOUR OWN CLOSET and edit your wardrobe: donate, sell on e-bay or trade with your friends items that make you feel guilty of consumerism glut of the last years .

Keep only what you love, fits well, is classic, smart and stylist and makes you unique and gorgeous! You will probably see at the end that in deed,  you are missing something: the big mess of clothes just to fill space in the closet! Ready?  here we go,


STEP ONE : Handbags

Take a look at your handbags:

How many do you have? 6, 60? Who cares!  let’s lconsider this

do you have a favorite? is there one that is just you? Is the one that is “just right”? Is there more than one?GOOD,  KEEP THEM!!

As for the rest: make a pile or get an ( empty) shopping bag.

Toss in the mass marketed, imitation designer, must have ( now “what was I thinking?”) . Also toss the   “bag of the month” , the one that does not go with any outfit but was on sale, the odd-colored one, the one that could be confused with granny’s and the one that could belong to a 12-year old. 

We bet you found handbags you forgot you had, bags from seasons past that could be your next favorite. We bet you can also find a couple of chuckle moments… wow that neon-green croco bag could have come handy in Halloween! 

Feels good doesn’t it?  

Now, look inside the bags; It;s amazing the forgotten thing we can find!: keys, money, receipts, candy…Remove it all! 

Don’t trash these bags, let your friends pick one if they like, or donate to good charity. Someone can always use a bag in good condition.


Does this mean we will NEVER SHOP again?  Oh no, quite the contrary…

What we found is that we did have a favorite bag(s), and that it/they will not last forever.. and this when the good shopping comes in handy. Next time you see something similar on sale: buy it , but please buy only one!

Wondering which ones were our picks? There were many but the bare bones are these

 We all had a tote bag , a small handbag and “crazy bag”…

If you’d like any of our picks, click on their image , has them for less than $100 a piece and $1 shipping






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