I Went 3 WEEKS on The Grapefruit Diet

Well, not the infamous one with bacon and such, but the one that claims by eating a grapefruit a day (without changing your diet or exercising) you will lose 2 to 4 pounds in a month.

It’s not much, but then again there is no effort involved. A friend gave me two bags of grapefruit from a neighbor’s tree, what do I have to lose? A month will pass either way, and since I do not take any medication that could react with grapefruit, I’ll go for it.

Does it work? Was it bad? He’s a day by day chronicle

Day 1:
My clothes are tight from Valentine’s leftovers and inactivity.
I haven’t had a grapefruit in quite some time, so it was appetizing to just peel it and eat it as an orange ( with some Splenda). Oh yum!

Day 2:

SUNDAY ! otherwise known as pizza from scratch and pasta day at home. Can this really work?
I eat my grapefruit as part of my breakfast as the pizza is baking, Splenda to the rescue!
Incredibly turns out that at the end of the day, my clothes are not tight( despite the pizza and pasta) I’m puzzled

Day 3:

Bad, bad day at work and I forgot to pack my grapefruit! Ate my regular food plus a bag of salted peanuts! I get home juice couple and make a cocktail with a little vodka and some Grand Marnier. Oh…. I hope this works!

Day 4:

Had half of a glass to grapefruit in the morning and was actually looking forward to another half glass in the afternoon.
Humm… my face does not seem as “bloated”.

Day 5:

This morning I fit in my “skinny pants”! Maybe it is working? I had a glass of juice in the morning. Then went to work, where there was free breakfast. I could not resist scrambled eggs and bacon. In the afternoon someone gave me chocolate. When I got home I has another grapefruit in juice. I wonder if today I offset all other days.

Day 6:
I had a glass of juice in the AM; by midmorning I don’t feel as grumpy and groggy as I usually do; so I skip the midmorning coffee with cream. Before going home, I stopped by the supermarket (to pickup more grapefruit) and weighed myself….2 lb. less that last week? Maybe it was water weight.

Day 7:

Left the house in a hurry, without having ANY grapefruit. There was chocolate candy at work, so I sacrificed my self and ate some, for our experiment’s sake, since I’m not supposed to modify my diet or routine in any other way. Had a glass at 6PM once I was back, funny I’m not desperately hungry as I usually am in the evening.

Day 8:

Had glass of juice mid-morning. It’s funny how I’ve grown to enjoy the fresh scent of the fruit as I cut it. After lunch, I did another weight check and confirmed the missing two pounds, now almost 2 and one half pounds.

Day 9-16

Was on business trip, still managed to have a glass of GF juice (who knows if from concentrate or what kind). Of course, did not watch what I ate, not a scale in site. I guess I’ll assess the damage once home.


Days 17-21

I must admit the grapefruit curbed my appetite a bit and that I feel less bloated. I did not gain an ounce on the business trip despite the extra goodies!

And now the million dollar question: did I lose weight?…. YES! a minimal 5 pounds, not bad for the effort!

If all I came out a tad healthier on account of the extra vitamin C and antioxidants, and it gave real motivation for trying to modify my diet.

So: is it worth it?  If all you can do is a minimal change, then try it, you have nothing to lose. 


Do NOT expect a miracle, but think about it: it’s unlikely you will not gain weight and we can all use a little extra vitamin C

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