How to be Gorgeous

How are we gorgeous?
 Gorgeous  goes beyond the physical level; is state of mind .We are truly gorgeous when we look well, we feel well and are surrounded by people and things that make us feel well.

To look well, we are in good health, have great fitting clothing , have great skin, great make-up , have wonderful hair, smell delicious and are in a good mood. 

Easy enough right? Yes and no.  Some of these things are easily accomplished,

others will require some work, thought, adjustment, time and/or money.   

Life is short, no time to waste or wallow in frumpiness, so let’s be gorgeous!

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  1. Ashwin

    – What a cool party! I just can’t believe how big your litlte girl has gotten! I see her litlte baby face everyday on my patterns so I forget how big she is. It goes too fast!

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