Fashion myths: Black clothes make you look thinner

So Does it? Ladies , Black is a color not a cloaking device!

It will give a slimming effect but only if you have a flattering fit ! If the clothes are too tight or too large it will only make you look bigger! A baggy sweater can make you look 3 dress sizes larger and tight sweaters will only reveal or enhance your problem areas: your arms, your stomach, your waist, you get the idea.

Regardless, head to tow black is far too dramatic for every day use.

The great news is that you can get the same slimming effect with head to toe any color… including white! Just follow the simple rule: flattering fit (not to tight, not to bulky).

JMS has these amazing trousers for less than $30 :

and wonderful blazers

Patterns can be flattering too! Bulges seem to disappear under a wonderful design.

Take a look at this all season dress for less than $50


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