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    Zadig & Voltaire

    LWBG | Styling | Friday, 07 March 2014

    Zadig & Voltaire wrangled a variety of industry heavyweights for its show today: models Kirsten Owen, Soo Joo Park, Hanne Gaby Odiele, and Jamie Bochert; runway music master Frédéric Sanchez (who spliced U2′s “Numb” with Missy Elliott’s “One Minute Man”); and producer Alexandre de Betak. While designer Cecilia Bönström did not try to pass off her sweaterdresses and embellished parkas as anything more than “clothes with attitude,” it’s clear that the brand understands the importance of perception. For all the spangled jumpsuits and jackets, there were an equal number of well-designed knits. The overarching message came via a military green coat, to which Bönström added trendy detailing and accents of tangerine. She used a vintage dress to inform the final look, and loosely adopted Warhol’s flowers for the collection’s sole print. Styling was crucial here. What happens if, a few months from now, a shopper enters a store and tries on the long embroidered lace skirt; will she figure out that it looks best when worn with an oversize sweater, attaining Bönström’s oppositional ideal? There’s no way to know—and certainly no way to control it. All the more reason to stage a knockout show.
    —Amy Verner
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    Zuhair Murad

    LWBG | Styling | Friday, 07 March 2014

    Zuhair Murad doesn’t much like insects—except for butterflies and dragonflies, beauty muses of the bug world. So for Fall, he expressed their sinuous bodies and wing shapes as custom guipure lace patterns and strategically placed cutouts. Murad pointed to a special technique that allowed a puzzle of crepe pieces to be superimposed onto jersey, and showed off python-patterned lace embroidered with the same abstracted idea. A digitally rendered print stretched wing veining into a decorative filigree. Even the leather lacing on a grouping of dresses borrowed the insects’ bulbous abdomen shape, tiny as it is, for female body contouring. The most elaborate interpretation of all used openwork and embellishment across the entire torso and down the hip in a way that seemed as delicate and detailed as actual wings. Murad, who says he pored over books and examined some specimens back home in Lebanon, has become so synonymous with eveningwear that you easily forget he does daywear, too, and batwing sleeves supplied the most notable, tangentially thematic update. This luxe Lepidoptera collection allowed Murad to stretch his wings, but the OTT ornamentation was far less persuasive than a solid black crepe mermaid dress with lace godet pleats. Such relative simplicity made it a rare beauty.
    —Amy Verner
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    Shopping in your own closet! Part 1: Handbags

    Gorgeous | Keeping organized,Main,Styling,Wardrobe,women | Thursday, 06 November 2008

    Shopping  in your own closet is a trend nowadays, not because we can’t afford new clothes but because there is a “feeling” of recession, depression and (dare I say it?) DOOM in the air.

    Shoppers are just not spending on high ticket items! Why pay for something we don’t need?

    But all this has brought out the best in us: we no longer look for the disposable, 15-minute look but a classic, smart, sharp polished and NO NONSENSE look of the new era, the era of the smart women!

    What you will realize is that shopping mindlessly ( sometimes out of boredom)  just filled out closets but did not build us a wardrobe! 

    Gorgeous ones UNITE!  and for one day only, LOOK in YOUR OWN CLOSET and edit your wardrobe: donate, sell on e-bay or trade with your friends items that make you feel guilty of consumerism glut of the last years .

    Keep only what you love, fits well, is classic, smart and stylist and makes you unique and gorgeous! You will probably see at the end that in deed,  you are missing something: the big mess of clothes just to fill space in the closet! Ready?  here we go,


    STEP ONE : Handbags

    Take a look at your handbags:

    How many do you have? 6, 60? Who cares!  let’s lconsider this

    do you have a favorite? is there one that is just you? Is the one that is “just right”? Is there more than one?GOOD,  KEEP THEM!!

    As for the rest: make a pile or get an ( empty) shopping bag.

    Toss in the mass marketed, imitation designer, must have ( now “what was I thinking?”) . Also toss the   “bag of the month” , the one that does not go with any outfit but was on sale, the odd-colored one, the one that could be confused with granny’s and the one that could belong to a 12-year old. 

    We bet you found handbags you forgot you had, bags from seasons past that could be your next favorite. We bet you can also find a couple of chuckle moments… wow that neon-green croco bag could have come handy in Halloween! 

    Feels good doesn’t it?  

    Now, look inside the bags; It;s amazing the forgotten thing we can find!: keys, money, receipts, candy…Remove it all! 

    Don’t trash these bags, let your friends pick one if they like, or donate to good charity. Someone can always use a bag in good condition.


    Does this mean we will NEVER SHOP again?  Oh no, quite the contrary…

    What we found is that we did have a favorite bag(s), and that it/they will not last forever.. and this when the good shopping comes in handy. Next time you see something similar on sale: buy it , but please buy only one!

    Wondering which ones were our picks? There were many but the bare bones are these

     We all had a tote bag , a small handbag and “crazy bag”…

    If you’d like any of our picks, click on their image , has them for less than $100 a piece and $1 shipping



    P11362409 Shopping in your own closet!  Part 1: Handbags
     Shopping in your own closet!  Part 1: Handbags

    P11281202 Shopping in your own closet!  Part 1: Handbags
     Shopping in your own closet!  Part 1: Handbags

    P11402049 Shopping in your own closet!  Part 1: Handbags
     Shopping in your own closet!  Part 1: Handbags

    Take Ten minutes, regain your sanity

    Gorgeous | Beauty,Health,Main,Styling,technology,Top Stories | Tuesday, 21 October 2008

    The world is crazy! Wall Street people are in panic, which make others panic, and a boatload of loudmouths preaching of doom , global depression , the end of the world and what not all of a sudden are given 15 minutes of fame on the news… and why not? it sells icon smile Take Ten minutes, regain your sanity

    While the rest try to find their bearing and regain their center do what is best and restore your own calm, your own sanity.  Impossible? Not for the most wise people on the planet. What they do in time of turmoil is the same as we can do while others are panicking: a tad of what you love best

    Although it’s different for every person the top five Fav’s from the LWBG team that can be done in 10 minutes are as follows, and please, don’t feel guilty for spending or treating your self to a little luxury, after all  this IS your SANITY we are talking about

    A GOOD cup of Tea:

    either green, chai, decaf, darjeeling or herbal a GOOD cup of tea hits the spot every time. Get a Pot, a cup whatever you can, use fresh clean pure water , and sweeten with honey, raw sugar, artificial sweetener. Pour into your cup and sip, while you inhale the aromas… Don’t gulp it!  Take a full 10 minutes to enjoy.

     Take Ten minutes, regain your sanityTeavana Perfect Tea Mug       

    This beautiful glass mug holds up to 16oz of tea with a frosted Buddha and one of four quotes on the Teavana lifestyle. This glass mug exactly fits with our Perfect Tea Maker.






     Take Ten minutes, regain your sanity

    Chocolate: in any way shape or form

    There’s no denying we love chocolate, so treat yourself to 10 minutes of pure indulgence and have some DARK chocolate . By the grace of the goddesses who heard our pleas, we managed to combine two of our favorites for when on a diet  try calorie free CHOCOLATE tea!

    105826613 Take Ten minutes, regain your sanityLoose Dark Chocolate Tea     

    This is certainly a surprise, and one that works very well. A firmly dark and delicious chocolate flavour in the tea creates a most enjoyable taste – and it is nearly without calories. It is essential not to brew this wonderful tea too strong, or the Black Tea will take over. Using just one teaspoon of leaves for a 6-cup teapot to create a stable reviving brew with scrumptious chocolate flavour. Sweeten with honey! The tempting flavour comes from cocoa bean kernels and chocolate pieces. Ceylon and China Black tea, chocolate pieces and cocoa bean kernels, flavouring. GBP1.95 per 100g




     Take Ten minutes, regain your sanity

    Or get a bite of the best chocolate known to womankind made the old fashioned way…

    WARNING!!! this is no ordinary candy bar, it comes in classic and delights such as cinnamon, ginger, chili, coffee, pistachio, orange and wonderful vanilla.

    29151040 Take Ten minutes, regain your sanityCasa Don Puglisi Pure Chocolate from Modica – Classic     

    We are pleased to introduce this luxurious chocolate bar, courtesy of the renowned Don Giuseppe Puglisi of Modica, Sicily. Puglisi’s chocolate bars are made in the Aztec tradition, creating a rustic, brittle chocolate untainted by modern machinery and artificial flavorings. The chocolate’s opaque patina comes from its cold production process which maintains the full flavor of each ingredient. The cocoa is cold-pressed with sugar granules , rather than heating the cocoa and corrupting the purity of its flavor. Delicate and speckled with reddish blooms, the brittle chocolate crumbles upon disturbance. The unusual texture is the antithesis of mass-produced chocolate. Thanks to a painstaking handmade method, the quality of the ingredients is allowed to shine through. This treat will be a find for any chocolate lover! *Available in 8 flavors: Classic, Chili, Coffee, Cinnamon, Ginger, Bergamotto (Orange Essence), Pistachio, or Vanilla.




     Take Ten minutes, regain your sanity


    Light some Mango Grapefruit Candles, the mango soothes and the grapefruit promotes a “positive energizing” sensation

    28646930 Take Ten minutes, regain your sanityBrazilian Mango Grapefruit Candles – 1 1/2″d x 2″h (Votive; Burn Time – 15 hours)    

    Rich sultry fleshy mango is blended with bright tart grapefruit. Reminiscent of summer tropical paradises and hot days this delicious fragrance will make your mouth water. Buddha prized mangoes so much he was given a grove in which to meditate. The Mango plays a sacred role in India it is a symbol of love and some believe that the Mango tree can grant wishes. To see or eat a mango in your dream symbolizes fertility sexual desires and lust. Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Aromatherapy Candles are a favorite with it’s sweet tropical undertones and fresh grapefruit notes. It will bring summer into your home.



     Take Ten minutes, regain your sanity


     Play that funky tune! : either Marley, Madonna, Nora Jones or Kiss ( are they still around?)  whatever is your favorite crank it up to your delight, close your eyes  and get carried away from the craziness. We highly recommend a personal mp3 player such as the Apple Ipod over the imitators, it’s sleek, comes in colors such as turquoise and purple and do not require a Masters in Engineering to use and load music and change . Plus the sound is GREAT!

    shuffle purple Take Ten minutes, regain your sanityApple iPod shuffle, 1GB – Purple – MB233C/A   

    Free Shipping, Free Engraving on All iPods. Apple iPod Nano 8GB Blue. iPod shuffle, 1GB – Purple. A new gig for iPod Shuffle. Now in 1GB and 2 GB. The new iPod Shuffle. Born to be worn. – Clip on the world’s most wearable music player and take up to 240 songs with you anywhere. Choose from five colors including four new hues to make your musical fashion statement. Random meets rhythm. – With iTunes autofill, iPod shuffle can deliver a new musical experience every time you sync. For more randomness, you can shuffle songs during playback with the slide of a switch. Everything is easy. – Charge and sync with the included USB dock. Operate the iPod shuffle controls with one hand. Enjoy up to 12 hours straight of skip-free music playback.


     Take Ten minutes, regain your sanity

    How to Minimize your Hips

    Gorgeous | Fashion Myths,Styling,Wardrobe | Wednesday, 15 October 2008

    Big Butts be gone! is our motto. But how? Simple: we shall use the same tricks as magicians do: distraction!

    If you have been blessed with wide, child-bearing hips, you are a perfectly proportionate gal, more guitar shape than hourglass, just like nature intended.  However today’s fashion standards dictate that we tame nature, so here we go:

    Light color slim top and light wide legged pants:

    96000612 How to Minimize your HipsFrench Connection Striped Wide Leg Pants    Usually Ships in 24-48 Hours Details: A fabulous pair of wide leg pants in a fashion-forward ivory tone, like these ones from French Connection, will take you far. Throw them on with a fitted blazer for work, or top them with a strappy tank and youre ready for an evening out. *Medium weight cotton-blend wide leg pants with thin tan and blue stripes from French Connection *90% cotton, 10% polyester *Inseam approximately 33″ *Waistband with belt loops *Center front zipper with double slide tab closure *Two angled front pant pockets *Wide leg * Care instructions: Machine wash cold inside out with like colors, do not bleach, do not tumble dry, iron low, do not dry clean *Imported*         

     How to Minimize your Hips


    wide- legged pants

    49286304 How to Minimize your HipsThalian Black Wide Leg Cuff Pants              

    Usually Ships in 24-48 Hours Details: Mix and match Thalians basic pieces–and just have fun. These wide leg pants can be dressed up or down, worn with heels or flats, blazer or shirt. The options are endless. *Medium weight black twill wide leg pants from Thalian *63% polyester, 33% rayon, 4% spandex *Made of “Quadri-Stretch” – a unique fabric that stretches in four directions *Inseam measures 31″ *2″ waistband *Center front zipper with double slide tab closure *Wide leg *2″ cuffs * Care instructions: Machine wash warm, gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry, iron on low, for best results dry clean *Imported


    A-line type skirts, high waisted or regular

    105448080 How to Minimize your HipsHigh Waisted A-Line Skirt.           

    This classy A-Line Skirt would look phenomenal with white button down shirt. Three button enclosure, and mid calf length. *Fabric: 59% Polyester, 38% Rayon, 3% Spandex *Machine Wash Cold *Hang to Dry





     How to Minimize your Hips

     How to Minimize your HipsA-Line Skirt             

    Crisp polished cotton sateen with a hing of Lycra ® spandex for a comfy fit. Flattering shape. Clean front, back elastic waist. Side zip. Imported. Washable.


     How to Minimize your Hips

    Flounce skirts and dresses

    167 1168 0220 01 yyy How to Minimize your HipsBay Studio® Career Black Skirt With Flounce            

    A great basic black skirt with a “flirty” flutter hem line! Skirt features a relaxed fit, pull-on style, elastic waist, and a solid construction.

     How to Minimize your Hips

    and with flattering prints

    48878888 How to Minimize your HipsFloral A-Line Skirt         

    by JL Studio Georgette A-line skirt in a fun floral print with metallic copper pinstripes. Side zip, seaming and godet insets at the hem. Fully lined. Imported. * A-line silhouette is universally flattering *Metallic pinstripes add a modern touch *Dresses up or down with ease *Polyester; machine wash Womens, 28 long

     How to Minimize your HipsNeed more advice? see: Black Clothes make you slimmer? , Get a Waist!  and the Gorgeous Pant

    Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

    Gorgeous | Shoes,Styling,Wardrobe | Wednesday, 08 October 2008


    Gorgeous ones…. we love shoes! Sandals, pumps, espadrilles, flats, boots, wedges, all colors, all styles, all shoes all the time. Which one of us can ever resist a shoe sale??? But Careful or you’ll wind up with a ton of shoes and not a pair to wear! Those wild tiger pattern stilettos might come at a bargain price but how many times and in what occasions can you wear them? 

    The basic shoe wardrobe should suit us for work and play, have proper professional shoes and shoes for relaxing. Shoes change the look and feel of an outfit with ease . Make sure not to skimp on shoes and only buy good quality ones that will last. ALWAYS have at least one pair of black shoes of the following types: 

  • a pair of flats for work or play Flats are great, kitten heals also work great. they are comfortable and work well if you must wall a lot. have a pair of neutral ( black or tan) and a funky metallic if you can. The combination with your clothing is a MUST if you want to look gorgeous   
    64616978 Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!N.Y.L.A. Shoes Jenica
    - Women’s Fashion Sandal

    A sophisticated slip-on casual with
    a pleated toe. Fit: True to Size.









  • two pairs of pumps one comfort pair for work and one dressing 
  • ZCC038 MAINTHUMB Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!Cameo Pump – Black             

    Make a cameo appearance wearing this cute, comfortable heel
    from Corso Como. Featuring the Corso Como Comfort System
    this shoe also features a lovely black leather upper with
    unique stitching details at the vamp and just above
    the 2 inch covered leather heel.


     Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

    ZCL014 MAINTHUMB Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!Attitude – Black           

    Make a fashion statement in these gorgeous d’orsay pumps
    from Chinese Laundry. Featuring a glossy black patent upper
    , d’orsay design and sexy 3 3/4 in stiletto heel.
    Jeans or a skirt, these shoes are paired great with both!


     Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

  • a pair of sexy sandals for evening dressing
  • 58421495 Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!Women’s Matisse Leather Wedge       

    Heel Mina Thong Sandal –


    You’ll feel like you were born to dance in this yummy leather thong sandal by Matisse! Seriously significant sparkle and shine is the highlight of this wedge thong with a bright “crystal” ornament as the centerpiece. A glowing silky soft leather upper and brushed footbed brings this women’s shoe delight together. Simple, yet extremely elegant! 1-1/2″ wedge. *Imported. *Whole sizes only, 5-10.

  • a pair of casual sandals  for play and weekend only
  • 46186044 Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!Gauze Thong Sandal – Black                 

    It’s like walking barefoot, only better. Light-as-air gauze whispers against your skin while the women’s sandal’s plushly cushioned flexible “leather” sole softens every step you take. Smooth metallic leather is so comfy between the toes. So easy and comfortable, you’ll want to get this chic women’s flat in more than one hue. Women’s shoes available in teal, black, pistache, coral or white. This shoe is not sold in size 10-1/2. We suggest that size 10-1/2 customers order size 11. *Whole and half sizes, 5.5-10, 11. *Imported.

  • a pair of boots               
    46613532 Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!ECCO Women’s Bremen        

    Tall Boot        


    Reign in great style in these tasteful Ecco Bremen riding boots. Smooth leather or soft suede upper with round toe, delicate center seaming, neatly trimmed 5 1/2 inch diameter collar, 15 inch shaft with full zipper, double contrast stitched center seam on outer boot with gored suede detail at top of shaft and wraparound ankle buckle and stud detail. Smooth fabric and leather lined insole, textured outsole with 2 inch stacked square heel. Gorgeous worn over a pair of jeans or pants.



  • a pair of rain shoes… these are: shoes that will not be ruined if you are caught in the rain
  • a pair of athletic shoes
  • 43333186 Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!Helly Hansen Water Moc 2 Street       

    Shoes Women’s (Black / White)        

    The adaptable Watermoc 2 delivers elements of versatility and style to the watersports world. Originally made for all activities on and around the water, the slip-on Watermoc is one of Helly Hansen’s most popular styles for sport or casual wear. It’s designed with a LIFA open mesh upper that quickly dries; an Ultra Storm Grip rubber outsole that holds on wet rocks, decks and streets and midfoot stabilizers for added performance on technical terrain.

  • a pair of comfort shoes to be worn when NO ONE ELSE sees you
  • 33379669 Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!Adult Black Jester Shoes                 

    Create your own look with our adult black jester shoes. Browse through our other costume accessories to find other items to finish the look. Main Features Black satin jester shoes Curled tipped toes Black vinyl shoe soles Elastic top for comfortable fit Sizing Adult size Small (10 long) Adult size Medium 10 1/2 long) Adult size Large (12 long) Roughly measured from heel to toe Fabric & Care Costume made of 100% polyester Hand wash cool water and line dry



     Wardrobe builder: Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

    Get A Waist!

    Gorgeous | Fashion Myths,Main,Styling,Wardrobe | Tuesday, 07 October 2008

    What’s the buzz about? I tell you, for the rest of 2008 and 2009 the word in fashion is WAIST!! This fall, feminine shapes make a comeback and are here to stay for a while! So OUT with the flowy and  pouffy, out princess cut dresses, out low hip trousers and IN with the waist.

    Waists are appearing in high waist trousers and skirts; they are showing in jackets and knit sweaters.

    Check out these finds from  high waisted skirt 200x300 Get A Waist!high waisted jeans 200x300 Get A Waist!


    It’s easy to show off your figure if you are the hourglass type .So what is a girl with NO WAIST to do? Hear my advise :FAKE IT! If you are a TINY Girl or have a short top this gorgeous Black knit top from Petite Sophisticate is a must!! SHHHH! Don’t tell anyone it’s less than $25

     Get A Waist!
     Get A Waist!

    Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress

    Gorgeous | Main,Styling,Wardrobe | Wednesday, 01 October 2008

    Gorgeous ones, you cannot go another season without a classic black sheath dress!

    It’s the classic of all classics, the key piece of a proper diva’s wardrobe, and there is one for every gorgeous size of us  and one  for every budget! Since most of has does not have a grand to spend of a dress, I attacked my search with $500 limit… and here are the results! Pair with Classic shoes, a clutch, classic jewelry and you are ready for a night in town!

    Think of the dress in  terms of how many times you will wear it,and you will see it makes total sense even if you spend a little bit more!


     On the High side:$425

    DGW01364 212132 Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress D & G Sheath Dress With Trim Black                  

    Sexy and shapely, this is the shift’s answer to a catsuit.
    Featuring a body-hugging fit,
    sleek acetate-blend fabric, and a full zip back,
    it hugs all your curves with the perfect demure allure.








     Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress

    Not so High: $265

    JAME WD162 V1 Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress James Perse Cashmere Sheath Dress
    with Pockets in Black

    The man who brought the lowly T-shirt to haute artform
    continues to produce the most desirable basics
    on any fashion avenue.85% cotton 15% cashmere.
    Dry clean only. Unlined. Front pockets.
    Shoulder seam to hem measures 39″ in length.




     Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress

    Low $30

    97667630 Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress Sheath Dress      

    This dress is designed for shape and ease! Imported. * Banded scoop neckline . *Slimming inset waist. *Chest darts for shape. *Back vent for walking ease. *Fully lined. *Polyester/rayon/spandex; machine wash. *23 from waist. *Misses





     Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress

    This fabulous dress with gorgeous pockets  is $40

     Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress Avenue Ponte Sheath Dress Womens Plus Size     

    It is easy to achieve elegance when you slip on this ponte sheath dress. Sleeveless. Empire waist. On seam side pockets. Darting at bust. Knit. Stretch. Imported. Cotton/Polyester/Spandex. Machine wash. Approx 41 1/2″ long. Womens 14/16-30/32. Womens Plus Size Fashion Apparel Clothing for Women sizes 14 to 32




     Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress



    And if you are a petite, you can look gorgeous for $89

    89260701 Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress Petite – Washable Sheath Dress            

    Machine wash-and-dry fitted sleeveless sheath dress. Back slit hidden back zip. 25″ from waist (23″ Petite). Polyester/wool with 2-way Lycra stretch for added comfort. Imported.











     Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress