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Shopping in your own closet! Part 1: Handbags

Shopping  in your own closet is a trend nowadays, not because we can’t afford new clothes but because there is a “feeling” of recession, depression and (dare I say it?) DOOM in the air.

Shoppers are just not spending on high ticket items! Why pay for something we don’t need?

But all this has brought out the best in us: we no longer look for the disposable, 15-minute look but a classic, smart, sharp polished and NO NONSENSE look of the new era, the era of the smart women!

What you will realize is that shopping mindlessly ( sometimes out of boredom)  just filled out closets but did not build us a wardrobe! 

Gorgeous ones UNITE!  and for one day only, LOOK in YOUR OWN CLOSET and edit your wardrobe: donate, sell on e-bay or trade with your friends items that make you feel guilty of consumerism glut of the last years .

Keep only what you love, fits well, is classic, smart and stylist and makes you unique and gorgeous! You will probably see at the end that in deed,  you are missing something: the big mess of clothes just to fill space in the closet! Ready?  here we go,


STEP ONE : Handbags

Take a look at your handbags:

How many do you have? 6, 60? Who cares!  let’s lconsider this

do you have a favorite? is there one that is just you? Is the one that is “just right”? Is there more than one?GOOD,  KEEP THEM!!

As for the rest: make a pile or get an ( empty) shopping bag.

Toss in the mass marketed, imitation designer, must have ( now “what was I thinking?”) . Also toss the   “bag of the month” , the one that does not go with any outfit but was on sale, the odd-colored one, the one that could be confused with granny’s and the one that could belong to a 12-year old. 

We bet you found handbags you forgot you had, bags from seasons past that could be your next favorite. We bet you can also find a couple of chuckle moments… wow that neon-green croco bag could have come handy in Halloween! 

Feels good doesn’t it?  

Now, look inside the bags; It;s amazing the forgotten thing we can find!: keys, money, receipts, candy…Remove it all! 

Don’t trash these bags, let your friends pick one if they like, or donate to good charity. Someone can always use a bag in good condition.


Does this mean we will NEVER SHOP again?  Oh no, quite the contrary…

What we found is that we did have a favorite bag(s), and that it/they will not last forever.. and this when the good shopping comes in handy. Next time you see something similar on sale: buy it , but please buy only one!

Wondering which ones were our picks? There were many but the bare bones are these

 We all had a tote bag , a small handbag and “crazy bag”…

If you’d like any of our picks, click on their image , has them for less than $100 a piece and $1 shipping






Feminine Blouse

Gorgeous ones! Times are tough, money is a little tighter and that means it’s time for more smart  wardrobe building tips. Instead of buying waves and waves of disposable clothes, let’s get something that is beautiful and classic so we can ware it for more that one season!

Remember this is an investment, so don’t fret spending a little extra for you dream blouse!


LOW: $15 ( it’s on sale!!!!)

City Style White Tie-Front Blouse City Style White Tie-Front Blouse            

Satin blouse with tie at V-neck, 3/4 sleeves and pleated cuffs. Poly/spandex. Machine wash. Imported. Shirt Women’s 20-99 Female blouses womens


High: $92

Moschino Jeans Poplin Ruffle Blouse in White Moschino Jeans Poplin Ruffle Blouse in White          

Moschino is a part of the Aeffe fashion group and is well known for its “classico con twist”, classical twist. Originally created in 1983 by the late Francisco Moschino and now headed by Rosella Jardini, the look of Moschino garments is often referred to as classical, whimsical, sexy, and unique with a dash of humour.100% cotton. Button front closure. Ruffle front.




Even higher but adorable! $97

Lover Natalia Blouse in White Lover Natalia Blouse in White            

This Australian fashion label launched in 2001 by designers Susien Chong and Nic Briand. This label has risen to prominence in Australia and internationally, developing a cult of celebrity following. Lover’s collections all draw upon various inspirations from the worlds of art, music, film and pop culture. Lover’s look embodies romance, drama and a touch of rock ‘n’ roll swagger.100% cotton. Hand wash cold. Button front henley. Attached neck tie. Allover light embroidery. Button closure sleeve cuffs.





Take Ten minutes, regain your sanity

The world is crazy! Wall Street people are in panic, which make others panic, and a boatload of loudmouths preaching of doom , global depression , the end of the world and what not all of a sudden are given 15 minutes of fame on the news… and why not? it sells 🙂

While the rest try to find their bearing and regain their center do what is best and restore your own calm, your own sanity.  Impossible? Not for the most wise people on the planet. What they do in time of turmoil is the same as we can do while others are panicking: a tad of what you love best

Although it’s different for every person the top five Fav’s from the LWBG team that can be done in 10 minutes are as follows, and please, don’t feel guilty for spending or treating your self to a little luxury, after all  this IS your SANITY we are talking about

A GOOD cup of Tea:

either green, chai, decaf, darjeeling or herbal a GOOD cup of tea hits the spot every time. Get a Pot, a cup whatever you can, use fresh clean pure water , and sweeten with honey, raw sugar, artificial sweetener. Pour into your cup and sip, while you inhale the aromas… Don’t gulp it!  Take a full 10 minutes to enjoy.

Teavana Perfect Tea Mug Teavana Perfect Tea Mug       

This beautiful glass mug holds up to 16oz of tea with a frosted Buddha and one of four quotes on the Teavana lifestyle. This glass mug exactly fits with our Perfect Tea Maker.






Chocolate: in any way shape or form

There’s no denying we love chocolate, so treat yourself to 10 minutes of pure indulgence and have some DARK chocolate . By the grace of the goddesses who heard our pleas, we managed to combine two of our favorites for when on a diet  try calorie free CHOCOLATE tea!

Loose Dark Chocolate Tea Loose Dark Chocolate Tea     

This is certainly a surprise, and one that works very well. A firmly dark and delicious chocolate flavour in the tea creates a most enjoyable taste – and it is nearly without calories. It is essential not to brew this wonderful tea too strong, or the Black Tea will take over. Using just one teaspoon of leaves for a 6-cup teapot to create a stable reviving brew with scrumptious chocolate flavour. Sweeten with honey! The tempting flavour comes from cocoa bean kernels and chocolate pieces. Ceylon and China Black tea, chocolate pieces and cocoa bean kernels, flavouring. GBP1.95 per 100g




Or get a bite of the best chocolate known to womankind made the old fashioned way…

WARNING!!! this is no ordinary candy bar, it comes in classic and delights such as cinnamon, ginger, chili, coffee, pistachio, orange and wonderful vanilla.

Casa Don Puglisi Pure Chocolate from Modica - Classic Casa Don Puglisi Pure Chocolate from Modica – Classic     

We are pleased to introduce this luxurious chocolate bar, courtesy of the renowned Don Giuseppe Puglisi of Modica, Sicily. Puglisi’s chocolate bars are made in the Aztec tradition, creating a rustic, brittle chocolate untainted by modern machinery and artificial flavorings. The chocolate’s opaque patina comes from its cold production process which maintains the full flavor of each ingredient. The cocoa is cold-pressed with sugar granules , rather than heating the cocoa and corrupting the purity of its flavor. Delicate and speckled with reddish blooms, the brittle chocolate crumbles upon disturbance. The unusual texture is the antithesis of mass-produced chocolate. Thanks to a painstaking handmade method, the quality of the ingredients is allowed to shine through. This treat will be a find for any chocolate lover! *Available in 8 flavors: Classic, Chili, Coffee, Cinnamon, Ginger, Bergamotto (Orange Essence), Pistachio, or Vanilla.






Light some Mango Grapefruit Candles, the mango soothes and the grapefruit promotes a “positive energizing” sensation

Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Candles - 1 1/2 Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Candles – 1 1/2″d x 2″h (Votive; Burn Time – 15 hours)    

Rich sultry fleshy mango is blended with bright tart grapefruit. Reminiscent of summer tropical paradises and hot days this delicious fragrance will make your mouth water. Buddha prized mangoes so much he was given a grove in which to meditate. The Mango plays a sacred role in India it is a symbol of love and some believe that the Mango tree can grant wishes. To see or eat a mango in your dream symbolizes fertility sexual desires and lust. Brazilian Mango Grapefruit Aromatherapy Candles are a favorite with it’s sweet tropical undertones and fresh grapefruit notes. It will bring summer into your home.




 Play that funky tune! : either Marley, Madonna, Nora Jones or Kiss ( are they still around?)  whatever is your favorite crank it up to your delight, close your eyes  and get carried away from the craziness. We highly recommend a personal mp3 player such as the Apple Ipod over the imitators, it’s sleek, comes in colors such as turquoise and purple and do not require a Masters in Engineering to use and load music and change . Plus the sound is GREAT!

Apple iPod shuffle, 1GB - Purple - MB233C/A Apple iPod shuffle, 1GB – Purple – MB233C/A   

Free Shipping, Free Engraving on All iPods. Apple iPod Nano 8GB Blue. iPod shuffle, 1GB – Purple. A new gig for iPod Shuffle. Now in 1GB and 2 GB. The new iPod Shuffle. Born to be worn. – Clip on the world’s most wearable music player and take up to 240 songs with you anywhere. Choose from five colors including four new hues to make your musical fashion statement. Random meets rhythm. – With iTunes autofill, iPod shuffle can deliver a new musical experience every time you sync. For more randomness, you can shuffle songs during playback with the slide of a switch. Everything is easy. – Charge and sync with the included USB dock. Operate the iPod shuffle controls with one hand. Enjoy up to 12 hours straight of skip-free music playback.


Get A Waist!

What’s the buzz about? I tell you, for the rest of 2008 and 2009 the word in fashion is WAIST!! This fall, feminine shapes make a comeback and are here to stay for a while! So OUT with the flowy and  pouffy, out princess cut dresses, out low hip trousers and IN with the waist.

Waists are appearing in high waist trousers and skirts; they are showing in jackets and knit sweaters.

Check out these finds from   


It’s easy to show off your figure if you are the hourglass type .So what is a girl with NO WAIST to do? Hear my advise :FAKE IT! If you are a TINY Girl or have a short top this gorgeous Black knit top from Petite Sophisticate is a must!! SHHHH! Don’t tell anyone it’s less than $25


I Went 3 WEEKS on The Grapefruit Diet

Well, not the infamous one with bacon and such, but the one that claims by eating a grapefruit a day (without changing your diet or exercising) you will lose 2 to 4 pounds in a month.

It’s not much, but then again there is no effort involved. A friend gave me two bags of grapefruit from a neighbor’s tree, what do I have to lose? A month will pass either way, and since I do not take any medication that could react with grapefruit, I’ll go for it.

Does it work? Was it bad? He’s a day by day chronicle

Day 1:
My clothes are tight from Valentine’s leftovers and inactivity.
I haven’t had a grapefruit in quite some time, so it was appetizing to just peel it and eat it as an orange ( with some Splenda). Oh yum!

Day 2:

SUNDAY ! otherwise known as pizza from scratch and pasta day at home. Can this really work?
I eat my grapefruit as part of my breakfast as the pizza is baking, Splenda to the rescue!
Incredibly turns out that at the end of the day, my clothes are not tight( despite the pizza and pasta) I’m puzzled

Day 3:

Bad, bad day at work and I forgot to pack my grapefruit! Ate my regular food plus a bag of salted peanuts! I get home juice couple and make a cocktail with a little vodka and some Grand Marnier. Oh…. I hope this works!

Day 4:

Had half of a glass to grapefruit in the morning and was actually looking forward to another half glass in the afternoon.
Humm… my face does not seem as “bloated”.

Day 5:

This morning I fit in my “skinny pants”! Maybe it is working? I had a glass of juice in the morning. Then went to work, where there was free breakfast. I could not resist scrambled eggs and bacon. In the afternoon someone gave me chocolate. When I got home I has another grapefruit in juice. I wonder if today I offset all other days.

Day 6:
I had a glass of juice in the AM; by midmorning I don’t feel as grumpy and groggy as I usually do; so I skip the midmorning coffee with cream. Before going home, I stopped by the supermarket (to pickup more grapefruit) and weighed myself….2 lb. less that last week? Maybe it was water weight.

Day 7:

Left the house in a hurry, without having ANY grapefruit. There was chocolate candy at work, so I sacrificed my self and ate some, for our experiment’s sake, since I’m not supposed to modify my diet or routine in any other way. Had a glass at 6PM once I was back, funny I’m not desperately hungry as I usually am in the evening.

Day 8:

Had glass of juice mid-morning. It’s funny how I’ve grown to enjoy the fresh scent of the fruit as I cut it. After lunch, I did another weight check and confirmed the missing two pounds, now almost 2 and one half pounds.

Day 9-16

Was on business trip, still managed to have a glass of GF juice (who knows if from concentrate or what kind). Of course, did not watch what I ate, not a scale in site. I guess I’ll assess the damage once home.


Days 17-21

I must admit the grapefruit curbed my appetite a bit and that I feel less bloated. I did not gain an ounce on the business trip despite the extra goodies!

And now the million dollar question: did I lose weight?…. YES! a minimal 5 pounds, not bad for the effort!

If all I came out a tad healthier on account of the extra vitamin C and antioxidants, and it gave real motivation for trying to modify my diet.

So: is it worth it?  If all you can do is a minimal change, then try it, you have nothing to lose. 


Do NOT expect a miracle, but think about it: it’s unlikely you will not gain weight and we can all use a little extra vitamin C

Wardrobe Builder : The Indispensable Sheath Dress

Gorgeous ones, you cannot go another season without a classic black sheath dress!

It’s the classic of all classics, the key piece of a proper diva’s wardrobe, and there is one for every gorgeous size of us  and one  for every budget! Since most of has does not have a grand to spend of a dress, I attacked my search with $500 limit… and here are the results! Pair with Classic shoes, a clutch, classic jewelry and you are ready for a night in town!

Think of the dress in  terms of how many times you will wear it,and you will see it makes total sense even if you spend a little bit more!


 On the High side:$425

D & G Sheath Dress With Trim Black D & G Sheath Dress With Trim Black                  

Sexy and shapely, this is the shift’s answer to a catsuit.
Featuring a body-hugging fit,
sleek acetate-blend fabric, and a full zip back,
it hugs all your curves with the perfect demure allure.








Not so High: $265

James Perse Cashmere Sheath Dress with Pockets in Black James Perse Cashmere Sheath Dress
with Pockets in Black

The man who brought the lowly T-shirt to haute artform
continues to produce the most desirable basics
on any fashion avenue.85% cotton 15% cashmere.
Dry clean only. Unlined. Front pockets.
Shoulder seam to hem measures 39″ in length.




Low $30

Sheath Dress Sheath Dress      

This dress is designed for shape and ease! Imported. * Banded scoop neckline . *Slimming inset waist. *Chest darts for shape. *Back vent for walking ease. *Fully lined. *Polyester/rayon/spandex; machine wash. *23 from waist. *Misses





This fabulous dress with gorgeous pockets  is $40

Avenue Ponte Sheath Dress Womens Plus Size Avenue Ponte Sheath Dress Womens Plus Size     

It is easy to achieve elegance when you slip on this ponte sheath dress. Sleeveless. Empire waist. On seam side pockets. Darting at bust. Knit. Stretch. Imported. Cotton/Polyester/Spandex. Machine wash. Approx 41 1/2″ long. Womens 14/16-30/32. Womens Plus Size Fashion Apparel Clothing for Women sizes 14 to 32






And if you are a petite, you can look gorgeous for $89

Petite - Washable Sheath Dress Petite – Washable Sheath Dress            

Machine wash-and-dry fitted sleeveless sheath dress. Back slit hidden back zip. 25″ from waist (23″ Petite). Polyester/wool with 2-way Lycra stretch for added comfort. Imported.











How to chose the right color nail polish

YES!!!! every gorgeous person has at least one good color, and there is there a “right color for you” out there! Unfortunately there are also have MANY MANY wrong colors for you, and it has to do with your skin undertone.

Red is good for everyone, you have to find the RIGHT RED! If you have pink, or yellow undertones try a vibrant red with either pink or yellow undertones. Nars has the most divine RED!! that will compliment all skin undertones. It classy and very neutral despite it’s JUNGLE RED name


 Neutrals are great, shear nudes, pale pinks, and are very forgiving! If it chips, it will not be as noticeable as with a vibrant red. How about this lovely shade : Butter London Royal Ballet? 


Again, undertones, undertones undertones. A pale pink that will look great on one lady will look girlish or plain wrong on another! Lippmann has just the right pink for the right gal. My Romance is a chic shade that caters to all skin undertones


All of these are reasonable priced at around $15 dollars, and before you start saying WHAT???? let me warn you: a manicure will last a good 10 days. If you skimp, you will pay in the long run with frequent chips, dull color and lack of that beautiful gloss shine after your first hot bath … gorgeous ones.. this is experience speaking… save money somewhere else 🙂

How to be Gorgeous

How are we gorgeous?
 Gorgeous  goes beyond the physical level; is state of mind .We are truly gorgeous when we look well, we feel well and are surrounded by people and things that make us feel well.

To look well, we are in good health, have great fitting clothing , have great skin, great make-up , have wonderful hair, smell delicious and are in a good mood. 

Easy enough right? Yes and no.  Some of these things are easily accomplished,

others will require some work, thought, adjustment, time and/or money.   

Life is short, no time to waste or wallow in frumpiness, so let’s be gorgeous!