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How to chose the right color nail polish

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YES!!!! every gorgeous person has at least one good color, and there is there a “right color for you” out there! Unfortunately there are also have MANY MANY wrong colors for you, and it has to do with your skin undertone.

Red is good for everyone, you have to find the RIGHT RED! If you have pink, or yellow undertones try a vibrant red with either pink or yellow undertones. Nars has the most divine RED!! that will compliment all skin undertones. It classy and very neutral despite it’s JUNGLE RED name


 Neutrals are great, shear nudes, pale pinks, and are very forgiving! If it chips, it will not be as noticeable as with a vibrant red. How about this lovely shade : Butter London Royal Ballet? 


Again, undertones, undertones undertones. A pale pink that will look great on one lady will look girlish or plain wrong on another! Lippmann has just the right pink for the right gal. My Romance is a chic shade that caters to all skin undertones


All of these are reasonable priced at around $15 dollars, and before you start saying WHAT???? let me warn you: a manicure will last a good 10 days. If you skimp, you will pay in the long run with frequent chips, dull color and lack of that beautiful gloss shine after your first hot bath … gorgeous ones.. this is experience speaking… save money somewhere else 🙂

How to be Gorgeous

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How are we gorgeous?
 Gorgeous  goes beyond the physical level; is state of mind .We are truly gorgeous when we look well, we feel well and are surrounded by people and things that make us feel well.

To look well, we are in good health, have great fitting clothing , have great skin, great make-up , have wonderful hair, smell delicious and are in a good mood. 

Easy enough right? Yes and no.  Some of these things are easily accomplished,

others will require some work, thought, adjustment, time and/or money.   

Life is short, no time to waste or wallow in frumpiness, so let’s be gorgeous!

The Gorgeous Pant

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Gorgeous ones, alas a trouser for us! Juicy Couture heard our plea for feminine, tailored pants and here they are! For once the “extra low” is gone and forgotten. These high waist pants flatter our figures and lend to pairing with the most feminine of blouses! Check out this one from Victoria’s Secret!

This is the perfect pair for transitioning from Summer to Fall clothing; appropriate for work and play. Pair with a shiny clutch and sandals for the evening and you are set to go!


Pants available at and Blouse from Victorias